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About E&E's Nutrition  Coaching 

I didn't set out to be a nutrition coach. But, in 2021 I signed up with a nutrition coach. While I was not overweight, my eating habits were abysmal. I had let life with a busy full-time job and 4 kids and all their activities consume me. I was compulsively reaching for candy in an attempt to meet some emotional need or to address overwhelm. I was probably reaching for wine too much too....and for the same reason. (By the way, none of this was working.) And, well, I  just didn't FEEL good. My experience with being a nutrition client was LIFE CHANGING! With the help of my coach, I learned to identify my food triggers and manage them. I suddenly felt in control of myself and it felt amazing. 

Through my own journey, I became very interested in learning more about nutrition. I decided to pursue a certification for my own knowledge and to benefit my family. However, as I became immersed in the certification process, I learned how much mindset affected everyone's nutrition journey- not just mine. I am very excited to help women improve their nutrition by mastering their mind. 


I received my nutrition certification through Precision Nutrition which is the largest online nutrition company in the world. I chose it because the content was backed by science. I loved it because of how much it considers all aspects of health and its affect on eating. 

I would love to sit down with you and see if this approach is right for you. Please schedule a free consult below. 

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