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Create the life you want to live!

Do you have everything you could ever want....but still aren't "happy"?


Is life pretty good, but you keep thinking it could be better or "more"? Do you feel like you are just "going through the motions" instead of truly experiencing and living life? 

Do you have all the things (spouse, kids, career, health) but still feel you haven't unleashed your true self? 

Is your energy or enthusiasm less than what it could be?

Does your day get away from you? Do you find yourself constantly "reacting" to things instead of being intentional about how you spend your time? you feel "stuck" in a life you don't want to live? 

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, I can help. I can relate. Let's do a complimentary consult to learn more about each other and what I can offer you. 

Love Your Body!

Do you want to be more intentional about how you are fueling your body? 

Do you want to love your body enough to feed it with nutritional "real" food instead of chemically processed "fake" food? 

Do you find yourself compulsively reaching for foods that your brain is telling you that you want, but you honestly don't FEEL better after eating? 

Do you want to love yourself better? 

Do you need a realistic plan that fits in with your life and your love for chocolate and wine? 

Are you ready to invest in YOU?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I would love to guide you along a journey to improve your overall health and well-being. Yes, I am a Nutrition Coach, but I am also a Physical Therapist, Group Exercise Instructor and Life Coach. I bring all of this to my sessions. We definitely talk a lot about which foods to choose, but we also talk about moving more, sleeping better, managing stress, changing habits, mindset and so much more. I offer a free nutrition consult. Let me learn more about your specific challenges and obstacles and I will share with you how I can help. 

Change a thought, Change a lot!!!!

Our thoughts have so much power in our lives. Watch this video to learn why we want to be intentional about what thoughts we are letting ourselves believe!

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You started so positive from day 1. I haven't had negative self talk since I started working with you 

For as long as I have been dealing with this problem, I can't believe you helped me get somewhere new with it. 

With all the nutrition and exercising I have researched and tried- this is truly the first time I am making the best decisions. 

Amy was prompt and professional! She gave me great advice, a plan to accomplish my goal and followed up with me. I highly recommend her services!

-Rita F. 

Amy, Is wonderful! She allowed me to open up about area's that I want to see growth in. We then together came up with tangible ways to move small goals into action.


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